Jessie Tylre Williams - Mission Statements

VISION – To support and aid in the healing of Veterans, First Responders, their families and those who suffer from the effects of PTSD.

MISSION – To remove the stigma on mental health and provide more access to resources.

VALUES – Jessie Tylre and Planetary Persuasionare both committed to surpassing the norm when it comes to TRUST and INTEGRITY, focusing on unprecedented SERVICE to all levels of contact and to always demonstrate equality.

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Hero's Corner

When I say “Hero”, it could be anyone…a doctor, a soldier, police officer or a fire fighter. It could be your neighbour and it could be YOU! It may be someone that has always put others first before themselves, it could be someone who had the courage to get through one more day. This is a place where we can share stories from “HERO’S” around the globe to help you to better understand how one act can make someone else’s world just a little bit brighter or to change a life forever!

Some stories will tear at your heartstrings, others will make you smile, some will bring you to your knees and others will restore your faith in humanity. Most importantly this is a place where you can pay tribute, show your respect and honourour Hero’s for the heroic actions they have performed. As you can imagine, we have hundreds of thousands of men and women around the world who risk their lives every day to serve and protect us and our Countries, so please understand, that although they are not on this page they still deserve as much respect, recognition and tribute as the people on this page.

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