Biography of Jessie Tylre Williams

Jessie Tylre Williams is a high-powered and compelling singer/songwriter and #1 International Best-Selling Author who is full of passion and drive. This is a perfect match for her humbling manner and motto: “Healing The World-One Song At A Time”. Jessie originally from Manitoba, Canada, began her music career at an early age and since has won several awards including, Nashville TCMA awards “Most Outstanding Showcase Of The Year & Most Promising Female Artist Of The Year.

Although Jessie holds these awards close to her heart, the award that brings her the most gratification is the “Commendation Medal” she received from the “Minister of Veterans Affairs” in her efforts and commitment to serving Veterans and First Responders suffering from PTSD. Jessie has performed at venues such as The Calgary Stampede, Major Military Functions, Casino Stages, festivals, concerts, numerous charity functions and has graced the camera on many television appearances.

These days Jessie has traded Canada’s brutal winters for the tropical climes of Mexico becoming a citizen on account of her family roots. “I love Mexico, it really feels like home to me,” she says. “I’ve always felt connected here, probably more grounded than anywhere else I’ve been in my life. This is my home now, even though I still consider Canada my homeland, Mexico is where I belong.” she pauses as she takes a breath. “Kind of hard not to enjoy writing while looking at the sea, performing on the beach or in an open-air bar, or just simply being happy living in the sun! I couldn’t ask for more,” she smiles. Building condos on the Banderas Bay, a licensed Realtor, writing books and music, Jessie has just begun to show us what true determination and never giving up hope can bring to all of us.

Her latest 2 singles, “On the Right Track” and “On the Right Track REMIX” shows the more care-free, daring and fun-loving Jessie we have all grown to love and adore. Her previous release “Please Don’t Let Me Down” displays a more vulnerable side to Jessie as she shares some of her life story, digging deep into the journey of healing from addiction. She delivers this message through sound with the incredible and powerful video that followed it. She displays authenticity and intimacy exposing her to her audience. Jessie has been sent to share a message of love and hope to the world through the pure essence of her being and her gift of song. She reminds us all that through music and writing, love can truly heal, teaching us how the strength of the human spirit can rise above any adversity for those of us who head down the road less traveled.