A Look Inside A Retired Hero’s Life! 

Written by: Jessie Tylre Williams
October Issue

It is in the moments of silence that we fail to listen!”

Master Corporal Don Fraser

The Canadian Heroes Foundation and all of us at Planetary Persuasion would like to wish Master Corporal Don Fraser owner of CH12 Memorial Vehicles a very happy and well deserved retirement!

After 12 years and 55 days MCPL Don Fraser has retired as of September 22nd, 2015.

Upon his return he was posted back to ASU as IC of Rations then tasked to CFB Suffield for 7 months assisting with Unitrak and rations then upon return completed his PLQ and 6A. 20012 MCPL Fraser was posted to 1 Service Battalion until February 2014 where once again posted back to 3CDSB as IC of Production and Scheduling until his release.

My conversation with Master Corporal Fraser:

Q: What is your position as a “Soldier”?

A: My trade is Cook

Q: When did you first start in your line of work?

A: I started in 83 as a reserve infantry –then after my hiatus I went Reg Force in 2003

Q: What is your military background?

A: I come from a military family dating back to the WW1 both parents also served

Q: Where are you serving and what is day-to-day life like?

A: Up to Sept 22 2015 I was serving in Edmonton

Q: If you are retired, what is it like now? 

A: As I have just retired the feeling has not sunk in yet still feels like I’m on leave or days off

Q: What do you find the most rewarding?

A:  Most rewarding was my 2008 tour Afghanistan and presently the work I do through Canadian Heroes

Q: What is your most memorable moment?

A: Having the Task Force Commander come out in the middle of Afghanistan with General Vance to present Task Force Accommodation

Q: Has your view of veterans, the military or service men and women changed?

A: Not at all

Q: Is there a personal story you would like to share with us that relates to your time in service?

A:  Not really everyone has their war stories….

Q: If you could say something to the world to make an impact, what would you say?

A: Never forget the sacrifice

Q: Is there something you would like to share with us about your personal life?

A: Basically the only thing id like to share is how supportive my family has been and the courage and will power they had to keep going when I wasn’t around.

Q: Is there someone you would like to pay Tribute to?

A: The fallen soldiers to suicide and their families. And of course my family because without them none of this would have been possible for me.