I Got Your Six! 

Written by: Jessie Tylre Williams
March & April Issue

Sergeant (Ret'd) Robert Dale (CD)

"Look at the world through the eyes of a child, and you to will soon experience the beauty and wonder of it all!" Author Jessie Tylre Williams

It is always hard to write about these Men and Women in service whom have all sacrificed so much for us and for our freedom, safety and security. The only issue I have when writing is I don't feel I do them enough justice in finding the right words to completely show what their sacrifice(s) means to me and how honored I am that they share their stories with me.

Sergeant Dale is someone who I've had the pleasure of calling "Brother". His words were powerful and he meant what he said. "You are now a part of us and we are proud to call you "Sister" and you can call me "Brother."That really resonated with me and meant so much to me coming from a group of Men & women that I have so much respect and honour for, and pride in carrying such a title.
Mr. Dale enjoys riding his trike when weather permits him to do so, and is often found at the RC Legion #35 in Red Deer chatting up with some of his buddies and close friends.

Having known Mr. Dale now for about 6 months he has become like a real brother to me and has always supported this great cause that we are all involved in. His generous and caring heart, sense of humor and all around pride in who he is, makes him not only a Hero to Canada, but a personal Hero to me. As he always says to me, "Jessie I got your 6!"

I want to say thank you Sir for all you have sacrificed for our Country and for all you have done to make the world a better place to be in.
Pro Patria!

My conversation with
Sergeant (Ret'd) Robert Dale (CD)

Q: What is your position as a "Soldier or as a Hero"?
A: I'm no hero…I'm just a soldier…Soldier is the highest calling a citizen can answer…The call of duty to defend one's country and Canada is the best in the world.

Q: When did you first start in your line of work?
A: On the 16 March 1976 I stood before the flag of this great country, place my hand on the bible and swore an oath before God. "To defend Canada, Queen Elizabeth and her heirs against all enemies. So help me God" and although I'm retired that oath is still in effect.

Q: What is your military background or service work background?
A: Joined 1st Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment 1976 -1981
Re-muster(changed trade) to Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers(RCEME) 1981-2006.
Served in Germany 1984 1986
United Nation Peacekeeping-The Former Yugoslavia 1993 and 1994
Medical Released/retired –Camp Wainwright Albert -26 June 2006

Q: Where are you serving and what is day-to-day life like?
A:1976 -1981 As an infantryman…training for war…lots of exercises (war-games). If we were not on exercises (war games) we were on training course. I complete my first leadership course and was promoted.
1981-2006 I was a vehicle technician (Mechanic). Repair the Army's vehicles. Trade specialist in Recovery(Towing) and Armored fighting vehicles and Tanks. Completed my Senior leadership course and was promoted to Sergeant.

Q: If you are retired, what is life like now?
A: I'm a Safety Coordinator for a construction company were I use my leadership skill to inforce the safety rules. I also use my instructional skills to teach safety subjects like First Aid. I have good day and I have bad…Have a lot of trouble sleeping…and am currently single…who wants to be wakes up screaming in the middle of the night…I'm not a better job keeping my anger under control by avoiding the triggers and tip-wires.

Q: What do you find the most rewarding?
A: I was a recruit instructor. Past on your knowledge and watching brave men and women who answered the call of duty to this country to become soldiers.

Q: What is your most memorable moment?
A: A fun moment. I had the chance in 2005 to work on the music video "Convoy" with Paul Brandt, and three other country stars which was shot on Camp Wainwright. You see me near the end has a helicopter flies over some troop and you see me wave off the helicopter and bend over to pick up my helmet off the ground.

Q: Has your view of veterans, the military or service men and women changed?
A: Yes. After Afghanistan, Canada's longest war, the view has changed. PTSD has been recognized has a wound that needs to be treated. Canada has more physically wounded veterans that need life-long care. But there are still brave young men and women going to the recruiter centers to take the oath.

Q: Is there a personal story you would like to share with us that relates to your time in service?
A: After my retirement I had some hard time adjusting. I had PTSD and was getting no help for it. 2012 was the worst year of my life. I hit bottom and seen no way out. And yes I tried to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger, but my Mom and Dad didn't raise a coward! So I could not pull that trigger. It was then I met some follow veterans in Red Deer and found out I was not alone. With they support and support from The Royal Canadian Legion and VAC I'm get the help I need to climb out of my deep dark hole toward the light. And attending a course at Can Praxis has really help me.

Q: If you could say something to the world to make an impact, what would you say?
A: When you see a veteran or a severing member of the Canadian Forces. Walk over to them, shake their hand and say five simple words to them "Thank You for Your Service"

Q: Is there something you would like to share with us about your personal life?
A: I'm shocked when I see or hear about homeless veterans. I think "There but the grace of God go I" So I have made it my personal mission in life to do what I can for my fellow veterans. I would never leave a fallen Brother or Sister soldier on the battle field. And I will not leave a fallen Brother or Sister veteran now.

Q: Is there someone you would like to pay Tribute to?
A: Our brave men and women in uniform. I may no longer wear the uniform and march at Your side, but you will ALWAYS have my support!!!!


Sergeant Robert (Bob) Dale was born in Ottawa Ontario. The Dale family moved to Renfrew Ontario when he was a teenager.

In 1963 Sergeant Dale got his introduction to military life through the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp at Renfrew High School. He joined the Canadian Forces Reserves in 1965 and became a rifleman with the Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment.

He transferred to the Regular Force in 1976 as an Infantryman in the 1st Battalion on the Royal Canadian Regiment in London Ontario. Bob completed numerous training course including; machine gunner, jungle warfare, reconnaissance patrolling, Junior Leadership, Winter Warfare instructor and basic parachutist.
Sergeant Dale remustered to Vehicle Technician in 1980. He was posted to 2nd Service Battalion in Camp Petawawa Ontario.

In 1986 Sergeant Dale was promoted to his current rank and posted to 4th Service Battalion in Lahr Germany. Returning to Canada two years later, Bob was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment, Service Commando.

In 1989, Sergeant Dale was posted to 1st Service Battalion in Edmonton Alberta. Ha has done numerous support tasking. Including service with; The Lord Strathcona Horse (Royal Canadians). And The Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.. Bob has also attached to CFB Shilo Manitoba for one year was an instructor of recruits.

In 1993. Sergeant Dale completed a 6-month tour of duty as a United Nations Peacekeeper in the Former Yugoslavia (Croatia) in support of the 2st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group. Bob would return in 1994 to complete a second tour of duty with 1st Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group.

Sergeant Dale was posted to Camp Wainwright in 1997, first as the Second in Command of the Combat Service Support Training Assessment Team at Militia Training Support Center. He was moved to the Base Maintenance workshop in 2000 to fill the position of training Officer which he currently holds.

Sergeant Dale retired on the 30 June 2006 and is planning to use his instructional skill to teach safety in the Oil & Gas Industry.